ENJOY creating healthy habits

Put good choices on autopilot

No suffering needed

ENJOY creating healthy habits

Put good choices on autopilot

No suffering needed

Are you tired of choosing between having a good time and being healthy?

START here with my FREE video coaching series.

JOY - Your New Daily Habit

Time to start making health more FUN!

Plus, (Hooray) you'll get the FREEBIRD Counterforce Friday email encouraging FUN and Health through the wekeend.

Feel powerful as you consistently choose the gym, the kale, the stairs, the water over wine (only sometimes... remember this is FUN) and all your other new badass habits.


Discover what is lurking below the surface that pulling you into the fridge late night.


How cool it will be to feel FREE to choose (on purpose from a sense of JOY) a FUN workout or a delicious salad.


The awesome part about HABITS is that they by definition are easy- once you create them.  Let’s get you some of those!

True Story.  You don't have to be miserable on the way to feeling more Vibrant, Healthy, & Alive

I get it.  Suffering used to be my middle name too.  It’s an all too common mistake that healthy means DISCIPLINE. AND DEPRIVATION. Oh, and SUFFERING.  


Here’s what I am recommending:

Together, let’s learn more about YOU and how YOU work.  Let’s create an owner’s manual for YOU about YOU (my sweet new friend, it’s all about YOU!!!). 

Then, we will use that delightful guide to support you in creating a life that’s filled with workouts that won’t make you cry, meals that won’t push your guilt button (sometimes pizza and sometimes kale), and the peace that only comes from knowing that, whew, today was great, I did enough.

These shifts come in bits so you can start to EXPERIENCE the magic freedom of CHOOSING healthy things (uh, meditation in the morning is no longer dreaded “should”) automatically.  It’s called a HABIT, so let’s get you a few of those lovelies!

Angela Freebird here.  As your Joy Captain, I would like to officially welcome you to Free as a Bird Coaching.    The home of making healthy habits more fun.

When you stumble with your health goals, there's always a reason that makes sense. ALWAYS.

AND PS- it's not because you suck


You don’t need a magic wand…you  just need a bit of support flexing your imagination muscles.


Lay down your weapons.  Together we will get YOU and your body on the same side.


Unconscious blocks – we’ll banish them allowing YOU to be YOU in all your glory.

Do it!

Diana: “I am the man who can.”
Wonder Woman movie

Just push the button below… You can too!

Relax, there is a Solution that puts a halt to the suffering

Soon all your friends will wonder how the hell are you so happy?
And when did you become a gym rat?

So many habits worthy of your time and energy. (so many are NOT!) 

So many ways to make this shift into health FUN!

So many ways to receive support. 

“Every time you are willing to say ‘Yes’ to everything on your path, you express the hero inside of you.” -Maria Nemeth

Be your own superhero… CLICK below and say YES.

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