About Me

About Me

Hello there! So happy you made it to this page. 

A big warm welcome to all about Angela Freebird.

Your astrologer. 

Your Somatic Experiencing coach. 

Your habit expert. 

Welcome to what this page is really all about, YOU.

Yes. You.

You knowing how to set up ROUTINES that create a sense of comfort in your own skin. AND You knowing deep down in your most magnificent bones (they are amazing, yes?) that you are ENOUGH.

Who do I think I am promising all this support?

Excellent Question

I’ll tell you a bit about who I think I am.  I’m the Freebird.  Sometimes called the JOY Captain, Skippy, or even the Yardbird (I’m a bit of a scrapper).

I’m also in a deeply committed relationship with FUN. 

So, not only will I help you create habits that set up health and a deep sense of well-being. I will make sure you enJOY the journey getting there.

You can start RIGHT NOW

Here is a FREE video series supporting you in developing the JOY daily habit!

I’m happy to report I now appreciate my unique self. 

 I still have to pay attention to REMEMBER that I do enough, have enough, and indeed, I am enough. 

I am thrilled to report that I do pay attention (mostly), so this enoughness has become a TRUTH for me.

PS- that feels yummy, like the best lemon bar bread pudding you ever did taste. I digress.

The truth is I did not always feel this way, not even close. (The dirty details are lower on the page should you be interested). 

The point is this. I have spent a lifetime (not exaggerating as this started at age 14, now I am *gulp* 53). Shifting from struggle into a sense of ease with fitness, with food, with work, and with my enoughness. 

For me, it means balance rather than extremes.  I have learned how to enJOY the journey of balancing health with, well, not that healthy. (as I drink a dark chocolate beer)

Holy Hound Dog Batwoman. I have put in the time, money, and energy to heal. Absolutely worth it.

I was BORN to learn it. And I was BORN to coach it, so click below and let’s do this thing.


Why should you care about all that?

Another Excellent Question

Answer: I am not only a scrapper… I am a teacher.  I live to coach.  It’s all over in my astrology chart (yes, that’s one of my many coaching tools).

 I KNOW that you can inhabit routines that set up a life of full to the brim with the freedom to choose how you behave without suffering! 


There is ALWAYS a reason when we fall down on taking good care of ourselves

A L W A Y S.

  All we have to do is find that reason and then apply some creativity to work with it. 

One more thing.  I love coaching so much, I will gift you the first session for free.  This is not a forever thing as I do have dog food to buy and a truck camper that sports very expensive tires… AND for now, this works for me so I hope you will click and schedule… right this minute. 

Let’s get you IN your body and on the way to feeling as good as Linda Evans as wonderwoman looked! 

The Best for Last (like dessert!)

While there were many things useful on my dedicated (obsessed)  journey to enoughness, the biggest, most important discovery for me regarding sustainable JOY was, wait for it, drum roll…

Somatic What?!? I know, right? It’s almost anticlimactic… almost. If it wasn’t so powerful and life-altering, it would be. AND, dear friends, it is life altering.

Somatic Experiencing®, it is the coolest of the cool.  It’s the tool of all the tools with coaching and changing and feeling more ALIVE.

Basically, I have learned how to listen to, receive messages from, and actually inhabit my body through Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Therapy. (SE for those in the know). 

I started as a receiver of the therapy and then became a practitioner because of its awesomeness.

It’s the missing piece to other coaching programs. Big statement and I am making it. Yep. Going there.

This (SE) is the royal road to more JOY.

It is the cat’s pajamas, the bee’s knees, all that and a bag of chips.  What an amazing solution!! It addresses the subconscious, helps clear the blocks and BOOM… you are free to create a life you love. (Through fun habits of course.)

It’s completely changed everything in my life, in the most fantastic way. 

How about you?  Ready to grow, evolve and transform your life?  Let’s chat about it.  This is the easy part, just click below!

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