Uniquely YOU

Learn YOUR operating system

Uniquely YOU

Learn YOUR operating system

Who doesn't need more JOY?

One Month. More JOY.

A FREE Video Coaching series to set up the JOY habit.

Plus, (Hooray) you'll get the FREEBIRDLAND Email - Free Video Coaching via email that will inspire you to connect to more JOY

IF you have failed before, there is ALWAYS a reason that makes sense. ALWAYS.

AND PS- it's not because you suck


Together we look at unique solutions


Time to make peace with your body


Absolute approval from YOU to be YOU

Free As A Bird coaching

You + your new coach (Me!) = goal accomplishing superstardom

FIRST!   We start with a VISION of what you want your life to look like.  My guess- you are already working hard on some goals.  Let’s. Make. That. Journey. More. Fun. 

NEXT!  We pick GOALS that directly lead toward your life’s vision.  Then it starts to get good…. no actually… GREAT!

HOORAY.  Habit Time.  

You’ll start creating excellent habits because you will become an expert ON. HOW. YOU. DO. HABITS.

Your Vision.  Next Your Goals.  Supported by Your Habits.

Shall we chat about YOU feeling successful with your fun fabulous healthy habits!?!?

"We know this, if we can’t self-observe, then we can’t self-correct."

Christopher L. Heuertz

Coaching Packages:

Because we do not heal alone

Let’s get you rocking some NEW fabulous healthy habits

(and ditch all the suffering that usually comes with making big changes).

The more you understand how you operate,

the easier and more enjoyable it is to make changes.

Try these words on for size:






Did that make you want to fist pump and say YES?  Then let’s go.

If it made you wish you wanted to fist pump, Let’s go!

My coaching system includes Astrology, Somatic Experiencing, Eating Psychology, and traditional learning tools.

I design this program with you because one size does not fit all. 

It is customized to your schedule, investment capacity and desired level of commitment. 

You will know yourself on a deep level AND have tools at the ready to stay consistent on your path to your vision.

To discuss this program, please click below and save a space.  

Why Astrology?

There's NO one like you.

Identify your strengths and USE them!

Understand your chalenges and work with them.

Embrace life’s paradoxes with specific strategies. 

Develop compassion for yourself (and others).

Channel your energy appropriately to reach worthy goals.

Access your unique spiritual connections.

PS- Astrology Gift Certificates available… this makes the perfect birthday gift!!  (and easy!  Just email me HERE)


3. You. Do. Not. Suck.

A Group Coaching program!

Get ready to let go of beating yourself up for falling down

Launches Oct. 4, 2022 and it’s awesome.

An online program with FUN videos and other resources.

AND there’s a V.I.P. (very inspired person) option to get even more support to make that big healthy change.

Please schedule a CHAT to apply.

4. READY, SET, GOals

A high touch group program!

Coaching to get you where you want to go

The grown up version of You. Do. Not. Suck.

Start there and then THIS! 

It’s so good to be you!

The Toolbox for Greatness

So many tools.. all kinds of time


Unlock your subconscious.  Cease self-sabotage. Love your body.


Aligning with Strengths.  Tools for Challenges. Compassion for the Journey.


 HOW we feel about eating is as important as WHAT we eat


There is no order of difficulty in Miracles.


Cosmos connection and affirmation.


I learn it, live it, teach it, REPEAT.  

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