Let's Talk About You!

You learning about You so you become the amazing healthy habit creator you are.

It. Is. Possible.

There’s so much misleading information about how to be healthier. 


Deprive here. Suffer there.

Start. Quit (because it sucks). Start again. Quit again.  

Feel terrible about your efforts.

Feel terrible about yourself.

Ugh.  (opposite of joy)

Here I am, Angela Freebird, your habit expert, here to announce the good, no scratch that, fantastic, news:

YOU can create healthy changes that happen automatically (that’s called a habit).  And it doesn’t have to be a miserable sufferfest to do so.  In fact, the more fun it is, the more likely those habits become solid gold.  

Now, before you dismiss that as a “yeah, right,” please take advantage of me… ur… I mean, take advantage of this excellent offer:

a *FREE* coaching session with me.

We will talk about you. 

  • Your unique way of creating habits.
  • How to choose habits that are important enough to take your precious energy.
  • How to cultivate the habit of confidence in yourself.

By the way, you read that correctly. Let’s chat about YOU for *FREE*.

Also, important to note that you will get ME and my full attention on YOU at this session, so spaces are limited.  So, don’t wait.

The value of this session is $150, and for now, It. Is. My. Treat. To. You. (for FREE).

Why? Because treats are my favorite. I gift them to myself daily as part of my personal JOY habit.  Here’s a treat for you (and me… I love this so much!).

Behold, the scheduling calendar on your right for your scheduling pleasure.

So. Easy.  I’ll see you soon! 

Too much too soon?


Adore a Plan B?  Me tooooooo!! 

Here’s your Plan B. If a chat feels like a commitment that you are not quite ready for, then here’s your Plan B.

Let’s get you on the FREEBIRD Email, and we’ll get to know each other that way.

My email is going to be a short video form coaching to get you pumped up for creating healthy habits.

Plus when you sign up for that awesomeness, you will receive the One Month.  More Joy. Video series that I created to support you in developing the JOY habit.  

Easy as Pie. Delicious as Cake.  Rest assured, your email is safe here.  No sharing!

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