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Ready, Set, Action! 

A couple more notes things that you might find helpful:

1. Try out these experiences with as much of an open mind as you can.  I am hoping to blend enough information to get you to "buy" in and highlight the experiencing part because that's where the magic happens.

2. Even though some of the experiences are simple- trust me - they are powerful. 

3. If something really doesn't resonate with you- simply discard it.  We all have different things that really land and impact us.  These are 30 of my favorites (trust me it was hard to pick)... just like your favorite cake (lemon), your favorite color (rose) or your favorite animal (plotthound), we all have certain things that really speak to us.  My invitation to you is to NOTICE how it feels to discard something that doesn't resonate... usually agency feels pretty good. 

More Resources & Ideas 

This tab will be on every daily page.  Sometimes there will be a lot of ideas here and sometimes just one.  This is NOT to overwhelm, *please feel free to skip* and is simply included as optional additional support should you feel called to experience/learn more.  Also, this program is for you forever so I thought it might be nice to have some cool stuff available should you decide to circle back.

Need some support? Email angela (at) freebirdjoycoaching.com for help!

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