Giving feels good.

I think it’s also the “right” thing to do; however I’m not that noble.  I do it because it makes me feel good.

 My chosen way to give is by creating the Stella’s Website, starting a consistent weekly email list (to lift spirits, share wins and raise funds), creating FUN videos for marketing (and again, raising spirits!), and sharing my new marketing tech skills with this wonderful organization.

Just wanted you to know that when you work with me (thank you!) that creates more space for me to focus on helping the animals around Idaho in this way!

PS- You are officially invited to join that email list.  Would love to have you!

That’s ALICE. ⬆️  She went from a “NO time or enough love” home to a home where she is cherished and spends time on the couch getting stories read to her!!

This is why giving feels so good.

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