Somatically Savvy in 30 days 

A video program to support feeling Embodied! Healthy! alive!

30 days.  EXPERIENCING. 
Changing your relationship with your soft animal body

Information overwhelm anyone?? 


There is a lot of information out there on how to be happier, reach goals and feel better.  

Enough.  We know what we should be doing.... why aren't we doing it??

  Time to make a shift through experiences rather than a lot more information.

5-10 minutes of Video experiencing a day. 

Easy Commitment.  Powerful Results. 


BEing comfortable in your own skin


Set up sustainable habits


Self-Care becomes easier


Stuck stress energy redirected


Practical (easy) tools to land in the moment


Feel more like yourself

About your
coach/cheerleader/teacher/wannabe entertainer

Angela Freebird (that's me)

As a somatic experiencing® practitioner, an eating psychology coach, and a yoga instructor along with decades of personal training experience including creating and running a private gym with a cutting edge group training program, I have been supporting people making changes for the past 21 years.  

This is an introduction complete with some information, more inspiration and most importantly EXPERIENCES introducing the magic of Somatic Experiencing®.  

Why? Because Somatic Experiencing® is the secret sauce, the cats meow, the bees knees, a game changer in creating and sticking with new habits, AND feeling more comfortable with who you are AND setting up sustainable changes. 

 (I warned you that I was a cheerleader) 

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is awesome.  

I want everyone to have the chance to experience this transformative modality!


30 days to somatically savvy

ready to jump right in??

Investment: $149   

That under $5/day for awesomeness

Let's do this thing!  Say yes to:

Landing more fully in your body (and your life)
Empowerment in healthy choices
Creating love for caring for your body
Setting up feeling thankful and happy (daily)
Solid goal setting and fulfillment

Your Questions Answered

Why should I care about Somatic Experiencing?

Excellent question.  There are many modalities for making shifts with habits and changing behaviors.  Somatic Experiencing (SE) is unique in that instead of attempting to make changes from your logical smart brain, SE facilitates getting the animal body (aka your subconscious) involved and on board.   Bottom line, that means you'll stop sabotaging yourself (and stop feeling bad about not being more successful with whatever shift you are "failing" at making) and as a big fat bonus, you'll experience more JOY doing it. 

Why the video series? 

Again with an excellent question... nice job.  This video series is created to educate (more about the power of SE) and more importantly, provide practices in the form of experiences to lay the groundwork for being able to use the Somatic Experiencing tool with a practitioner (uh, me! I want to help...jumping up and down... I want to help).  This is a very affordable way to get started and on your way to a deeper capacity within your super cool nervous system.

Do I have to upgrade to personal Somatic Experiencing sessions for this to work?

The answer is... It depends.  This video series is a way to start shifting in a better (incredibly unique) relationship with your animal self (your body, your nervous system, your subconscious)  and that sets up feeling more alive.  IF you choose to go deeper, the one on one sessions are awesome.  However, this is a worthy program all by its little lonesome.

Is this going to take a lot of my time?

No.  AND, it is going to take about 7-10 minutes of your time daily.  That may feel like a lot of time or not even close to enough to actually work (it's funny how that time commitment can feel like both!!).  This program is designed to support you in creating time to slow UP (my version of slowing, happy, evolved) and practice BEing for just a little bit daily.  (watch out... time starts to feel more spacious as you do these practices)... hip hip and a tiny hooray here.

Question What is your refund policy?

This is an investment in yourself AND I want it to feel good and work.  So, continue reading below about my special offer and get all the details! 

Do I have to watch the videos?

Nope, you can just listen.  I created this in video form because I like visuals however it totally works to just listen with your ears. 

not the jump right in type?  totally fine

Here's the option

Just give it a try... first week is complementary 

$0 today

7 full days to try it on for size 

Here's what to do next:

1.  Click below
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4.  Start noticing how cool SE is by enjoying the videos
5. Commit to the rest of the month (b/c it's awesome)

My refund policy:  Please try the program for 7 full days and see if it's a good fit.  After that, if you choose to invest in the rest of the month, please know that you are all in as I do not refund the program after the trial run.

Get the complete course now for only $149

 This special limited-time offer of my full course of 30 days of videos, plus additional resources to dive deeper into the topics which will open the door to a new way of being in your body (and the world).

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