Why I do this FREE session

I’m a coach.  I help people make big fat fabulous shifts by becoming master habit creators. 

 That means I spend some serious time with my clients.  

Before doing any sort of time commitment with anyone, it’s nice to have a “first date”. 

So, if you would like to have a “first date” with me to see if coaching might be possible, I promise you a few things:

Here’s what you can expect from this CHAT

This is an offer that will not be around forever.  

More importantly, if you are here, chances are, something hurts somewhere inside (or you are just tired of life not feeling sparkly)

That’s going to get worse (to get your attention).  Best to just avoid more pain and let’s just CHAT solutions, habits and JOY.

I’m serious about it getting more painful.  #voiceofexperience


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